Agfa Silette Type 6 Camera 1958

Description General

This decor light has been remanufactured from reclaimed and/or salvaged materials thereby diverting them from landfill and would look great in your home, shop, office, cafe or restaurant. All camera lights come with a social history so it is a conversation piece as well as a unique work of art.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.18.32

Description Specific

AGFA was the abbreviation for Aktien–Gesellschaft fur Anilin-Fabrikation, which was founded in Berlin in 1867. It produced chemicals for photography. The company obtained the Rietzschel camera works in Munich in 1925 and badged all its products with the AGFA rhombus. It introduced its first real camera in 1926. In the early 1980s Agfa produced its last film cameras. The new models of the Selectronic series were manufactured by Chinon. Agfa gave up camera production in 1983.

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Manufactured in Germany in 1958 this Model 6 camera unit comes with the original case. The light is fitted to an Ilford Sportilux Flash Unit and it is mounted on VIVO fully extending tripod Allowing you to the adjust the height to a maximum of. It is fitted with an IKEA RYET LED sign bulb E14 100 Lumen.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.25.56

Technical Details

Depth: 11” (28mm)
Width: 6” (15mm)
Height (max): 55” (140mm)
Height (min): 16″ (41mm)
Packaged size: 12” x 10” x 20” (31mm x 26mm x 51mm)

Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)
Lamp holder: Small Edison Screw Fitting

Bulb type: LED E27 100 lumen clear globe
Dimmable: NO

Cord Length: 10′ (3m)

Cord entry: Rear

Mains connection: BS1363/A moulded plug fitted with 3 amp fuse

Method of operation: In-line rocker switch
Supplied with: Recommended bulb

Agfa Silette Type 6 Camera 1958



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