Bilora Bella 66 Camera

Description General

This decor light has been remanufactured from reclaimed and/or salvaged materials thereby diverting them from landfill and would look great in your home, shop, office, cafe or restaurant. All camera lights comes with a social history so it is a conversation piece as well as a unique work of art.

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Bilora was founded in 1909 in Barmen-Rittershausen Germany  as Kurbi & Niggeloh but didn’t start manufacturing cameras until 1935. The Bilora Bella 66 camera was introduced by the company when they opened their new manufacturing plant in Radevormwald /RHLD around 1956.

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They introduced a number or models from the first “Box” to the “Bilomatic” until production stopped in 1975 although the company continued to manufacture other photographic equipment including tripods.  It was a moderately priced camera, (£4 6s 3d in 1957),  well-built from cast alloy with a variety of colours.

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The lamp part of the creation is a small Edison screw fitting (SES) that forms part of the vintage ELWIS flash gun and comes with an IKEA RYET LED sign bulb E14 100 Lumen. The camera is connected to retro DIA  camera tripod and can be moved up or down and from side to side. When fully extended the height is 50″ (130mm).

Technical Details

Depth:                                 7” (18mm)
Width:                                 6” (15mm)
Height (max):                    50” (130mm)
Height (min):                     16″ (41mm)
Packaged size:                   10” x 10” x 20” (26mm x 26mm x 50mm)

Weight:                                2.1lbs (1.2kg)
Lamp holder:                     Small Edison Screw Fitting

Bulb type:                           LED E27 100 lumen clear globe
Dimmable:                          NO

Cord Length:                      10′ (3m)

Cord entry:                        Rear

Mains connection:           BS1363/A moulded plug fitted with 3 amp fuse

Method of operation:       In-line rocker switch
Supplied with:                   Recommended bulb

Bilora Bella 66 Camera