KMZ Quartz Cine Camera

Description General

This decor light has been remanufactured from reclaimed and/or salvaged materials thereby diverting them from landfill and would look great in your home, shop, office, cafe or restaurant. All camera lights come with a social history so it is a conversation piece as well as a unique work of art.

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Description Specific

This Quartz M cine camera was made by the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory (KMZ) based in Moscow in the 1960’s and 70’s. The KMZ factory was set up near Moscow after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II.  The Red Army had acute need for precision optical instruments such as scopes and binoculars as well as reconnaissance cameras.

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In the special workshop at KMZ, a range of espionage cameras were made for the KGB and other intelligence agencies of the Warsaw Pact. Some popular examples of such cameras are the F-21 (Ayaks), a.k.a. the button camera, the KGB Photo Sniper (Фото Снайпер) and the Tochka-58 (Точка) range of subminiature cameras, that were known in the west as the necktie cameras.

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In 1993, KMZ was renamed to S.A. Zverev Krasnogorsky Zavod JSC (Joint Stock Company), but kept trading as KMZ under the ZENIT brand. The company is still in business today and has specialised in special cameras and laser range finders for weapons and armoured vehicles.

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The lamp is an adapted IKEA JANSJÖ work light that operates with a transformer. The camera is fitted to Davidson Star D tripod.

Technical Details

Depth:                                  10” (24mm)
Width:                                  3” (24mm)
Height (max):                    63” (46mm)
Height (min):                     32″ (
Packaged size:                   10” x 10” x 36” (

Weight:                               6.2lbs
Lamp holder:                     N/A

Bulb type:                           LED E27 100 lumen clear globe
Dimmable:                          YES/NO

Cord Length:                      10′ (3m)

Cord entry:                         Rear

Mains connection:           BS1363/A moulded plug fitted with 3 amp fuse

Method of operation:       In-line rocker switch
Supplied with:                   Adaptor

KMZ Quartz Cine Camera (Circa 1960’s)